Bank / Cash

A record of financial transactions in an fiscal year can be maintained here.

Bank / Cash Listing

The transactions are listed with its Name,Type,Account,Balance and the action to be performed.

How to record/create a new Bank/Cash transaction?

  • Click on New Bank button on the top right corner of the Bank Transactions page
  • Provide the necessary details
  • Click Save


Field Description

Fields Description
Type Choose the type of account from the drop down.Bank3
Ledger Display Name Displays the combination of Bank name and Account name
Bank Name Enter the name of the bank.
Bank Branch Provide the branch in which the bank is located.
Account Number Enter the account number here.
Account Name Provide the name of the bank account.
IFSC Code Enter the code to identify the branch of the respective bank
Swift Code Enter this code to identify the particular bank among the banks all over the world.
Authorised Dealer Code Provide the code given by the banks for recognising the companies with import export code.
Description Any additional information regarding the transactions can be entered here
Active Enable this option for the financial accounts that are active in transaction.

Actions available in Bank/Cash

On clicking each transaction,entire details of the transaction with transaction date,particulars,withdraw amount,deposit amount,balance and action to be performed will be displayed as follows.
How to edit/delete a transaction?

To edit or delete a transaction,

Click on the drop down associated with each transaction under Action category.
And,choose the desired action.