Create an Invoice

Create Invoice

To add a New Invoice:

  • Click Quick Add button at top & select Invoice (or)
  • Click on Sales in left menu and select Invoices. Click on the New Invoice button.


Field Description
Invoice No The next invoice number will be displayed for your convenience.
You can define it Automatic or Manual in Settings > Modules. Invoice number should be unique for a financial year.
Invoice Date Date of Invoice issued
Due Date Due date of the invoice. Can enter date directly or select option 15 days , 30 days etc
Reference # Your Reference number for this transaction. Ex. Quote / Purchase Order Number
Type Type of GST Invoice. Select Regular if the invoice is not for Export/SEZ. Export/SEZ with Payment – Payment of Tax & then collect Refund. Export/SEZ without Tax – Without Payment of Tax by providing bond/LUT. Deemed Exports – Export Invoice but goods will not leave the country.
Customer Select the Customer from the drop down or type in the Customer name. For New Customer, enter the New Customer name & option to Add New Customer will be displayed in drop down.
Customer is required field for Invoice. In Retail Invoice, Customer is optional.
GSTIN Customer GSTIN will be displayed if already stored or option to enter
Place of Supply Choose State to define Place of supply of goods. Based on this , the invoice will be counted as intra-state (supply within same state) or inter-state (supply to other state). For Intra State both SGST & CGST Tax applied, whereas IGST for Inter-state.
Billing Address Customer’s Billing Address for this transaction.
Shipping Address Customer’s Shipping Address for this transaction.
Item Description Select the Item from the drop down or type in the Item name or SKU Code. You can also add new item if not exists in Items Master.
SKU Item SKU code (Display only)
HSN / SAC Codes for Tax classification of the item
Tax Select the Tax defined for the item


Rate Standard Rate defined in Item Master will be displayed. If you have Rate Sheet defined for the Customer (or tag)/Currency of the transaction, option to choose with Standard rate.
Discount Discount for Individual Item with option to provide as percentage or flat
Amount For Exclusive Tax: Display only Taxable Value. Ie. Rate x Qty – Discount. Tax will be calculated for this amount.
For Inclusive Tax: Editable, where you can define the final amount inclusive of tax. The Rate will be adjusted automatically based on the input amount.
Freight/ Packing / Insurance Charges You can enable it in Settings > Sales > Sales Charges, for input in Invoice.
Round Off Based on Settings > Sales > Round off final total amount, Round Off will be calculated.
Manual – Need to input needed amount manually
Round Normal – to near integer. Ex: 2.50 to 3.00; 2.40 to 2.00Round Up – to next integer. Ex: 2.10 to 3.00
Round Down – to down integer ignoring decimal. Ex: 2.90 to 2.00
No Round Off – Round off option will not be displayed
Notes Notes will be printed in Invoice. You can include additional content or Thank you message to the Customer. Default value can be defined in Settings > Sales
Terms & Conditions T & C will be printed in Invoice. Default content can be defined in Settings
Bank Select a Bank account, to print invoice with Bank account details. (optional)
Attachment You can also add attachments related to the transaction

Invoice Status

An invoice can be in one of the following 5 states:

Draft An invoice that has not been sent to customer or taken print out. The amount of the invoice will not be considered in accounts.
Open The invoice that has been printed or sent to customer that has zero or partial payments received. Will be considered in accounts.
Paid The invoice that has been printed or sent to customer that has been paid.
Overdue A payment pending invoice which crossed the due date specified in invoice
Void Apply this status, if you have given up the hope on receiving payment from the customer. Will be considered in accounts, but will not be displayed under Overdue or other Aging report.


While filing GST Returns, an Invoice will be classified as below:

B2B Sales from registered seller to a registered buyer
B2C (Small) Sales from registered seller to unregistered intra state buyer < 2.5 Lakhs
B2C (Large) Sales from registered seller to unregistered buyer >= 2.5 lakhs & to all interstate buyer irrespective of amount
Export Invoice Sales to countries outside India.
When you select a customer outside India by default you can view the following additional fields in Invoice. Based on invoice type (Export with Tax or Without Tax) tax calculations are applied.
Export Invoice

Custom Fields

You can add new custom fields to your invoice by defining in Settings > Sales > Custom fields.
The fields defined in Settings, will be displayed for input in Invoice.

The values provided in custom field will be stored with invoice. In future, even when we remove a
custom field in settings, it still can be viewed in invoice where it was used.


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