Custom Fields

Custom Fields

You can create  your custom field for the invoices  here.
Go to Settings > General  > Custom Field Details tab.

How to define/add a field in Invoice/Quote/Retail / Invoice/Receipt/Purchase Order
  • Go to Settings > Sales > Custom Field Details tab
  • Click on Add Item Button. In the field details popup, Select the type of invoice on which you wish to add.
  • Provide the field name (required) and value, if any. If you wish to have this field as required in the entry, enable the“Required field in Invoice entries” option.
  • To print this field in the selected invoice type, check/enable “Print in Invoice”.
  • Enable the Active option to use the new/desired field in transaction.


How to edit/delete a custom field entered?

To edit/delete a custom field,

Choose the Edit/Delete option from the drop down associated with each custom field.