Database Backup

Important Note for auto backup

In Server,we can save the settings for DB backup in Local Path or in Google drive. After saving the settings , Maintenance service will start and server will check whether any back up available in the respective path . If backup is taken and updated in the folder it will stop backup service for the day or week option. Unfortunately if the Backup is deleted or missed, Server maintenance service will check and update the backup in the respective folder.

Auto DB Backup

For auto backup,need to make changes in the server settings.
Go to Output Books Server Manager>Settings and make the following changes.
You can choose daily backup or weekly backup option from the drop down in the settings option in server.
Maximum two local paths can be used to store the backup.
Else,you can choose the additional option of backing up in Google drive.
Option for connecting directly to Google drive is available.
You will be prompted to the sign in page of google.
Click Allow option to allow Output Books to access your google account.
Then,Choose Output Backup folder in the Google drive path.
Hit Save.

Manual DB backup

You can manually download database backup under About option.
Download DB backup option is for manual download and will be as the last option in the screen.
The backup of database will be available in the storage folder(local path chosen) as a zip file.