General / Company

Configure GST Settings

Indians can register your Company GSTIN (Goods And Services Tax Identification Number) and PAN (Permanent Account Number) of your company in Settings > General.

Check “Composition Scheme“, if you are eligible for composition scheme & provide its percentage.
Even if you skip this step and continue to remaining settings.


Company Profile

You can Manage Companies under Settings > Company. You can add more companies.

Add Company

To set up a company profile,

  1. Go to Settings > Company.
  2. Click “Add Company” button at the top-right side.
  3. Provide the needed details.
  4. Hit Save.
Company Fields


Fields Description
Name Provide the Name of your company
Address Provide your Postal Address

You can add additional address

City Provide the City name at which your company is setup
PostalCode Provide the Zipcode / Pincode
Country Select your Country name you are from

By Default, It will be set as India

State Select your State.

By default, it will be as Tamil Nadu

Phone Provide your Contact number
E-mail Provide a valid email.
Date Format Choose the date format you want to use.
Currency Currency will be allotted according to the country you choose.
Active Check this option to perform billing & filing under this company.
By default, it will be enabled.
If you wish to hide this company from billing and filing, you can uncheck it.

Once you hit Save, your Company will be listed under Settings > Company.

Company Listing

Added companies will be listed in grid as below:
You can edit the Company, by clicking on Company Panel.