Filing GSTR-4

GSTR 4 is the GST return that must be filed every three months by the registered tax payers who opted for composition scheme.
Taxpayers whose turn over is less than 1 crore and also fulfill other specified criteria come under composition scheme.
Tax payers under composition scheme has to file only one GST return(quarterly)-GSTR-4.
NoteDealers under composition scheme has to pay taxes at fixed rate without availing Input tax credit.

How to generate GSTR-4 in Output Books?
  • You can find the list of details of Outward Supplies(Sales) under Reports>GSTR-4.
  • Entire details of all the Purchase Transaction is listed here.

Here,you can view GSTR-4 return for a month or quarter year by using the drop down at the top.
You can view a GSTR-4 report for the desired/required month using the calendar option associated in the reports page of GSTR-4.
You can print the GSTR-2 report by using Print option at the top right corner.

Due Dates

Due dates for filing GSTR-4 will be the 18th of the next month after the end of three month period.

April-June 2018 18th July 2018
July-Sept 2018 18th Oct 2018
Oct-Dec 2018 18th Jan 2019
Jan-Mar 2019 18th Apr 2019

GSTR-4 Rectification

Careful filing of GSTR-4 is necessary.Once filed,cannot be revised.
If any mistake made in the return,it can be revised in the next quarter only.
Example:If a mistake is made in the filing of July-September return,rectification of mistake can be done when filling returns for the next quarter.

Late Fees and Penalty

If the GSTR-4 is not filed for a previous quarter,then the taxpayers cannot file for the current quarter unless they file for the previous quarter.
If GSTR-4 is not filed,

  • A penalty of Rs.200/day will be levied.
  • A maximum penalty of Rs.5000 can be charged.

As per Latest Notification No. 73/2017 – Central Tax late fees for GSTR-4 has been reduced to Rs. 50 per day of default. Also, the late fees for NIL return in GSTR-4 have been reduced to Rs. 20 per day of delay.