Installing Windows Version

Before start installation, make sure the following requirements are available.

System Requirements


Modern Processor
HDD : 2GB free space
RAM : 2GB or greater
Network Connection with internet access


OS : Windows 7 or greater / Linux
Full administrator Access
Apache >= 2.4.7
PHP >= 5.5.1
MySQL >= 5.6.12

Setup Output Books Account

  • On clicking the Download Windows Server Version from our website,you will be directed to the sign up or register page.
  • login

  • Provide the required details and register.
  • After successful completion of sign up,you will receive a mail with the link for installation.

Installation Steps

After clicking the setup link sent to your mail,save the Output Books server in the local folder.
Note:By default,C drive will be the storage folder.
In general,D drive is preferred for storage.
Select the program shortcut to be displayed in start menu folder.
You can click Browse option to change it to a different folder.
After clicking Next,you can also create a desktop icon for Output Books.
Then,check all the settings made in the previous steps and click Install.
After the process of installation,click Finish to complete installation.

DB backup

On the Output Books Server,click Settings at the right bottom to back up database.
Choose the local path/paths in which the backup is to be done.
You can choose maximum two path for storing the backup.
You can also take a backup on google drive.
Enable the option”Online Backup at google drive”.
Then click on the local host link in which Output Books is running.

Finalizing Installation

On completion of installation,you will be prompted to Output Books Installation Wizard.
Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
In the next wizard,provide the license key,email and create a password for your account.
After providing license key,company name will appear automatically.
Verify the details provided and if you want to change click on Previous.If all details are verified, click on Install to start installation.
After completion of installation,you will be getting the congratulations screen.
There,provide the entire details of the company in the respective fields and click Finish
Now,you have successfully completed the installation.

Provide the email and password in the Login page and enjoy using our Smart Accounting software.