You can manage items under Manage > Items.

List Items

Items that are ready for sale or items that are purchased can be managed here.Items can be listed under the fields such as name,type,SKU code,HSN/SAC code,Sales Rate,Purchase rate under Manage>Items.


Add Items

To add items,

  • Click on Add Items button on the top right corner.
  • Provide the relevant / required details
  • Hit Save.

Field Description

Fields Description
Item Name Provide the name of the item to be added[mandatory]
Item Type Choose the category Goods or services for the item to be added [mandatory]
Track Inventory Enable this option to manage the availability of stock for production, sales and delivery and services of a business effectively
Stock Opening Enter the quantity of stock for the particular item here
Stock Rate Total amount for the item in stock can be given here
HSN Code / SAC Code For Goods category, provide the HSN code.

For Services category,provide the SAC code.

Tax Choose the Tax Rate for the item.
In Sales Enable this option to add the items/goods under sales category.Then, provide the rate,discount of the item entered. Choose the Account for this item in which you want to record the Sales transactions from the  chart of accounts list or  Sales Account by default.

In Purchase Enable this option to add the items/goods in purchase list.

Then, provide its rate and select Input Tax Credit if it is applicable.

Choose the Account for this item in which you want to record the Purchase transactions from the  chart of accounts list or  Purchase Account by default. 

Units  Select the unit of measurement for the item which is to be displayed in invoices and quotes 
SKU Code Provide the Stock Identification Code to identify the product.
Active Enable this option to include the item in transactions or Invoicing.

How to edit an item?

To edit an item, hit on the Edit option stuck with each items.
Do the necessary changes and hit save.


How to Delete Items ?

You can use the Delete option in downward arrow, associated with each items.
Note: The items that are used in transaction can’t be deleted.

Export to  CSV

You can export all the items in a csv file with their respective details. When click on “Export csv” button the file is downloaded.