This section will allow you to enable required modules. You will be allowed to use these modules in your Sales and Purchase, only after enabling here.

Activate Modules

To activate the Modules, Go to Settings > Modules.
You can see the modules list here. By default, Quotes, Retail Invoices, Credit Notes and debit Notes were enabled. You can enable or disable Modules here.
To edit the modules, click on Edit button situated at the right side. Then check or uncheck the modules you wish to have and click Save.

Configure Serial Number

You can define how the serial number of your module should be under – Settings > Modules > Define Serial Number configuration for each module.



  1. Auto: System will assign Consecutive serial numbers itself. By default, all modules will be set as Auto mode.
  2. Manual: User have to provide serial number themselves.

Prefix: Provide the Prefix to your serial number & its optional
Serial Start: Provide the number, from which the serial number should start.