Print Templates

Print Templates

You can select the templates styles from our default templates provided. To select the invoice template click on the Select button below each model. The Selected invoice template is indicated with a tick mark.


Templates are available for Quotes, Invoices, Retail Invoice, Receipt and Purchase order.

Each template have individual settings to configure for the templates .


Display settings

Provide the Title text or Footer Text in the text box provided.

You can hide or show the columns like Serial No, Item description and HSN/SAC column  in the invoices as per your requirement.

Logo, Due date, Bank details, Print date or Customer sign can be enabled / disabled in Invoices  by check or uncheck the options.

If the  option Include signature on Print  is enabled, then   the Signature is displayed only while printing invoices.


Email color – you can choose any color for the invoice templates while sending invoices in mail.

Color –  you can choose any color for the invoice templates while Printing Invoices. By default No color is selected for Balck and white copies Printing.


Paper – You choose the type of Paper while  printing invoices . Normally we have  A3, A4, A5, letter, Legal sizes .

For Retail Invoices, you can choose 3 inch or 4 inch paper size.


Page orientation – choose the type of page orientation whether it is Portrait or Landscape.

Copies to Print – You can provide the no of copies to print while selecting print options in Invoices.


Font – You can  choose the font size that fits the Invoice page .


Print type – You can choose Print type as Original only or  Original and Duplicate  or Original , Duplicate and Triplicate.


Margins – Choose the Margin size for Left, Right, Top and Bottom margins to align the content in the invoices