Estimates / quotes are the rough calculation that let your customer know the price of the product before sales.
This will make your customer to know about the approximate value of your product or service.

Quotes Listing

Quotes / Estimates are listed in Sales > Quotes.
Quotes will be listed with its Date, Estimate no, Contact, Valid Till, Status, Amount & Action to be performed.
You can change the status of the quotes or do any action such as sending invoice, edit, delete etc from listing itself.
You can rearrange the quotes based on Date, Estimate no, Contact, Valid Till, Status & Amount, by clicking on each column header.

Create Quotes

To add a New Quote

  • Click on New Quotes button on the top right side of the Quotes page.
  • Provide the needed details
  • Hit Save

8 quote

Field Description

Fields Description
Quote No Quotes no will be either generated automatically or can be put manually based on the option you choose in Settings > Modules. Quote number should/will be unique for a financial year.
Quote Date Today’s date will be shown as default. You can change it using calender option associated with it
Valid Till Provide a due date. You can select from pre-defined period or custom period.
Customer You can either select the Customer from the drop down or add new Customer here.
On typing New Customer in quotes, you will get option to add [+ Add newcompany]. By clicking on that option, you can add new customer easily. [required] 6- Inv
GSTIN For existing customer, it will be displayed on choosing their name. For new customer, you can provide directly.
Place of Supply Choose the State, based on the state chosen, the quote will be counted as intra-state (supply within same state) or inter-state (supply to other state).
For Intra State both SGST & CGST Tax applied, whereas IGST for Inter-state.
Billing Address Customer’s Billing Address for this transaction. You can edit using the Edit option associated with it and save.
Item Description Select the Item from the drop down or type in the Item name or SKU Code. You can also add new item if not exists in Items Master
SKU SKU code of the item (Not-editable)
HSN / SAC Codes for Tax classification of the item
Tax Select the Tax defined for the item
Rate Standard Rate defined in Item Master will be displayed. If you have Rate Sheet defined for the Customer (or tag)/Currency of the transaction, option to choose with Standard rate.
7- inv
Discount You can provide discount for Individual Item either providing as percentage or flat amount
Amount For Exclusive Tax: Display only Taxable Value. Ie. Rate x Qty – Discount. Tax will be calculated for this amount.
For Inclusive Tax: Editable, where you can define the final amount inclusive of tax. The Rate will be adjusted automatically based on the input amount.
Freight/ Packing / Insurance Charges You can enable it in Settings > Sales > Sales Charges, for input in Quote.
Round Off Based on Settings > Sales > Round off final total amount, Round Off will be calculated.
Notes / Terms & Conditions Content that you provide in Settings > Sales > Notes/Terms & Conditions will be shown here. You can add more when you create estimate. These contents will be displayed in print option also.
Bank Selected a Bank account, will be shown in quotes (also in print).
Attachment You can also add attachments related to the transaction
Actions available in Quotes

You can edit, copy, print, send & delete quotes.
If you either print or send any quotes, its status will automatically changed from Draft to Sent.
You can convert this quotes directly as invoice using the Create Invoice in Action option.