Rate Sheet

You can manage Rate sheet  under Manage > Rate sheet .

Rate Sheet Listing

You can create your own special Rate sheet  for Sales and Purchase under Manage > Rate sheet.


Add Rate Sheet

To add special Rate Sheet ,

  • Click on Add Rate Sheet button on the top right corner.
  • Provide the Rate sheet details like whom to apply and what are the items to apply with the rate percentage of standard Rate.
  • Hit Save.

Output Books-Add-RateSheets

Field Description

Fields Description
Name Provide Rate Sheet name
For Choose whether it is applied for Sales or Purchase or Both.
Currency Choose the Currency for the Rate sheet .
Contacts / Tags Choose the Customer / Supplier contacts ot Tags where the Rate Sheet to be applied.
Roundoff Choose this option to round off the value to  ones, fives,tens,fifty and Hundered.
Apply for Choose whether the Rate Sheet applied for “All items ” or “Individual items”
Item rate Select the Item rate percentage to be added or discounted to standard rate

For ex: If you provide rate percentage as 110% then  the rate applied is additional 10 %  of standard item rate.

If you provide rate percentage as 90 %  then the rate applied is discounted 10 % of standard item rate.

Edit Items

To edit an Ratesheet , hit on the Edit option stuck with each items.
Make your changes and hit save.

Delete Items

You can use the Delete option in downward arrow to remove the Ratesheet.