Sales Settings

Sales Form

Customise your Sales Invoices form under Settings > Sales.


  • Item:Show SKU Column – It will show SKU column in your transaction.
  • Item:Show Accounts column – Displays Accounts Column in your transaction.
  • Show Invoice Type:
  • Enable Reverse Charge Option: Check this option to make the reverse charge mechanism applicable in your transaction.
  • Allow items not in master list: Enable this option to permit your users to add the items that are not in master list.
  • Round off final total amount: You can round up the total amount manually or automatically.
    1. Manual – Need to input needed amount manually
    2. Round Normal – to near integer. Ex: 2.50 to 3.00; 2.40 to 2.00
    3. Round Up – to next integer. Ex: 2.10 to 3.00
    4. Round Down – to down integer ignoring decimal. Ex: 2.90 to 2.00
    5. No Round Off – Round off option will not be displayed
  • Default Due Date: The time duration for due date chosen here will automatically set in the Invoice creation.
  • Default Bank Account: Choose the bank account that you use the most. The chosen bank account will appear when you create any invoice. You can change it at the time of invoice.

Sales Charges 

Choose the charges you want to add up in your transaction. You have to enable this option , when you create invoice.
You can add tax rate for every sales charges. You can change tax rate of sales charges while you create invoice.