Tax Rates & Units

Tax Rates

You can organise tax rates in Settings > Tax Rates.
The Tax rate which is chosen as default here, will be used in all your transactions.

Add Tax Rates

To Add Tax rates,

  • Click on Add Rates Button in Settings > Tax Rates.
  • Tax Details popup will appear.
  • Provide a Name & its mandatory.
  • Provide the Tax rate for Intra state (within same state) type and Interstate (between states) type.
  • Hit Save.
Edit Tax Rates

Click on the Edit associated with each Tax Name.
Edit the Tax details in the Tax Details popup.
After editing, hit Save.

You can delete tax rates using the down-arrow near Edit option.


  1. New Rates will be applicable for new transaction onwards.
  2. For the transaction with past days, this new rates can be applicable


You will have a bunch of units for your usage.
You can set any one among these units as default, to use it in your transactions.
The default unit will appear in all your transaction and you can change these units in your transactions.

Unit Listing

Units will be listed with its name and description.
You can set them as Active & default, based on your transaction.
Default: The selected unit will be shown automatically in all your transaction.
Active : Select those unit, you wish to make available in your transactions.

Add Unit

Click on Add Units button.
Provide the unit name and description.
To make the unit available at the transaction, check Active option.
You can make the unit as default while creating unit, by checking Default option.
Hit Save.

Edit / Delete Unit

Be aware that you cannot edit or delete system defined units.
You can edit or delete those units which was created by you, using edit option associated with each units.