You can make your users and their roles in Settings > Users. Under Users Setting, you can manage User Roles and Users.

Manage User Roles

Output Books provides you a distinct way to define your own user roles and the information that can be accessed by that role. You can define / select the Modules for each roles.

Add user Role
  • Go to Settings > Users.
  • Click on User Roles tab and Add Roles Button on top-right corner.
  • Provide the Role Name
  • Select the Modules & operations that can be performed on it
  • Click Save.
  • Click here to view Module List.

    User Roles List

    Once you hit Save, it will be listed under User Roles Tab.
    You can edit or Delete roles using the respective Icon.



    Users Listing

    Users were listed under Settings > Users > Users Tab.
    You can add / delete the users also make an user active / inactive for certain moments.


    Add users

    To Add users,

    • Go to Settings > Users
    • Click Add Users button & fill the required fields
    • Click Save


    Field Description

    Fields Description
    E-mail Provide your valid mail id of the users
    Name Enter the name of user
    Password Provide the password 
    Phone Provide your phone number.

    Its optional

    Role Select the Role of the user
    Active Check this option to allow users to use Output Books.

    If its unchecked, it will restrict users to login & perform action in Output Books.