Stock Entry

You can manage Stock  under Manage > Stock.


You can create your Inventory  for Inward and Outward  Items under Manage > Stock.
This entry helps you to manage the stock effectively.

Stock Listing

The stock added are listed as below.

Add Stock

To add Stock ,

  • Click on Add Stock button on the top right corner.
  • Provide the Stock Inward and Outward  items details with date .
  • Hit Save.


Field Description

Fields Description
Date Date on which Stock operation is done  
Type Choose the Stock type from the drop down provided.stock

Production – When the stock is purchased for Production from godown which is inward.

Consumed for Production –  When the stock is consumed for Production process which is outward.

Disposed / Wastage – When  the stock is Damaged or expired choose this type which is outward.

Item Choose the Item list from the drop down to maintain Inward or Outward.
Inward You can provide inward stock for the items which are purchased for production.
Outward You can provide outward stock for the items which are Consumed for Production and Disposed or Wastage .
Unit Price The unit price provided for each item under Manage Masters >Itemswill be displayed here
Notes  You can add notes for the stock operation and mention vouchers if any.

Edit Items

To edit an Stock, hit on the Edit option stuck with each items.
Make your changes and hit save.

Delete Items

You can use the Delete option in downward arrow, associated with each stock.