Bill Payment

How to create an Bill Payment
Create Bill Payment
To add a New Receipt :
  • Click on Purchase in left menu and select  Bill Payment or  Click on the Payment  link  in the Purchase Bill  .

19 - Payment

Fields Description

Bill Payment  No

The next Bill Payment number will be displayed for your convenience which is not editable .You can define it Automatic or Manual in Settings > Modules. Payment Bill  number should be unique for a financial year.

Bill Payment Date

Date of Bill paid


Select the Supplier from the drop down or type in the Supplier name. For New Supplier, enter the New Supplier name & option to Add New Supplier will be displayed in drop down.Supplier is required field for Purchase order.

14 supp

Paid from  A/C

Select a Cash / Bank account, from which the payment amount is paid  for the Bills which is optional.


Provide the Reference No for the receipt like Bills  , Expenses  etc.,

Amount Paid 

Provide the amount paid to Supplier  to update the Bill payments or Debit balance if any. If the amount is excess than the debit balance it will be added as excess debit for the Supplier. In future the balance will be adjusted with Bills.


You can also add attachments related to the transaction