An expense is the costs experienced by a company, paid out to suppliers or for products or services from other sources.

How to create an expense?

Click on Purchase in left menu and select Expense.
Click on the New Expense button and Enter the required details.
Click save.


Fields Description

Expense Bill  No

The next Expense Bill number will be displayed for your convenience which is editable .You can define it and  number should be unique for a financial year.

Payment Date

Date of Payment for the Expense.


Select the Supplier from the drop down or type in the Supplier name. For New Supplier, enter the New Supplier name & option to Add New Supplier will be displayed in drop down.Supplier is required field for Purchase Bill.

14 supp

Supplier Invoice No

You can provide the Supplier Bill no for your Reference which is mandatory.

Supplier date 

Date where the Bill is generated by the supplier .

Paid from A/c

Select a Cash / Bank account, to update withdrawal details which is optional.


Provide the Reference No for the receipt like Bill , Purchase order , Debit note etc.,

Item / Account 

Select the Item from the drop down or type in the Item name or SKU Code. You can also add new item if not exists in Items Master. You can provide Account name also from the  chart of Accounts listed.


Stock Keeping Unit-Identification code for the item [Non-editable]


Give the codes for the Tax classification of the item


Provide the Quantity and the Units for the Item.


Standard Rate defined in Item Master will be displayed. If you have specific rate you can update inthe Rate box.


Discount for Individual Item with option to provide as percentage or flat


For Exclusive Tax: Display only Taxable Value. Ie. Rate x Qty – Discount. Tax will be calculated for this amount.
For Inclusive Tax: Editable, where you can define the final amount inclusive of tax. The Rate will be adjusted automatically based on the input amount.

Freight/ Packing / Insurance Charges

You can enable it in Settings > Sales > Sales Charges, for input in Expenses.

Round Off

Based on Settings > Sales > Round off final total amount, Round Off will be calculated.
Manual – Need to input needed amount manually
Round Normal – to near integer. Ex: 2.50 to 3.00; 2.40 to 2.00

Round Up – to next integer. Ex: 2.10 to 3.00
Round Down – to down integer ignoring decimal. Ex: 2.90 to 2.00
No Round Off – Round off option will not be displayed

Reverse charge

Normally, the supplier of goods or services pays the tax on supply. In the case of Reverse Charge, the receiver becomes liable to pay the tax, i.e., the chargeability gets reversed.

16 - Reverse


You can also add attachments like Bills, Payment Receipts related to the transaction.

How to edit/delete/print/send/copy Expenses?

Click on the drop down associated with each expenses under Action category and Choose the desired action.