How to create an Receipt
Create Receipt
To add a New Receipt :
  • Click on Sales in left menu and select  Receipt or  Click on the Receipt link  in the Invoice .

12 Receipt

Fields Description

Receipt  No

The next Receipt number will be displayed for your convenience.You can define it Automatic or Manual in Settings > Modules. Receipt number should be unique for a financial year.

Receipt Date

Date of Receipt payment


Select the Customer from the drop down or type in the Customer name. For New Customer, enter the New Customer name & option to Add New Customer will be displayed in drop down. Customer is required field for Credit / Debit note.

6- Inv


Customer GSTIN will be displayed if already stored or option to enter

Deposit A/C

Select a Cash / Bank account, to update deposit  details which is optional.


Provide the Reference No for the receipt like Invoice , Debit note etc.,

Amount Received 

Provide the amount received for customer to update the Invoice payments or credit balance if any. If the amount is excess than the credit balance it will be added as excess credit for the customer. In future the balance will be adjusted with Invoice.


You can also add attachments related to the transaction