Customers / Suppliers

Managing both Customers & Suppliers are same and are free from complications.
You can manage your client / lead, under Manage → Customers.
To manage your suppliers, go to Manage → Suppliers.
You can add, edit, manage or delete your customers & suppliers.

Customers / Suppliers Listing

Customers / Suppliers will be listed with their Name, Company Name, Email, Contact Mobile & their corresponding Balances.
You can search your customers / suppliers by their name or with their related details using the search box.
You can export your customers / suppliers list in CSV format using Export CSV Button.

Adding Customer / Suppliers

To Add customer,

  1. Click on Add Customer / Add Suppliers button in respective pages.
  2. Provide the needed details in New Customer / New Supplier  popup.
  3. Either click Save & New button to save current Customer / Supplier then continue to add another customer.
  4. Or click Save to save the customer.

Note : You can use the downarrow to shift between create customer / create suppliers.
Field Description

Field Description
Company Name Provide your Customer’s / Supplier’s Name [optional]
Contact Name Enter the name of the Person-in-charge [optional]
Display Name Provide the name that you wish to show and use in all your transactions [required]
GST Client / Supplier valid GSTIN number [optional]
Composition Scheme Check the box, if they belong to Composition Scheme[tax payers whose turn over is less than one crore belong to composition scheme]
PAN Enter the customer’s or supplier’s valid PAN number  [optional]
TDS % If the PAN number is provided you have to provide the TDS percentage
Contact Mobile [optional]
Work Phone [optional]
Email ID Provide the mail ID of the Customer / Supplier [optional]
Tag You can group customers / suppliers under preferred category. [optional]
Just provide the tag name to add a tag or you can choose from your previous one.
RateSheet Select the Rate sheet for your customer. [optional]
Active Check this option to allow customer / suppliers you wish to do the transactions with.
If its unchecked, these customer / suppliers can’t be used in any transaction afterwards.
Address Provide the address for the customer / supplier

How to edit a customer/supplier?

To edit a customer/supplier. Use the edit option associated with each of the customer/supplier in the list.

How to delete a customer/supplier?

To delete a customer/supplier. Use the delete option from the dropdown associated with each of the customer/supplier in the list.

The Customers / Suppliers whose balance is nil or zero, can be able to delete.
If the customer / supplier have remaining balance / transaction, they can’t be deleted.